New Platform !!!

Duty Fly is delighted to announce about the transition of new trading platform, which is equipped with even more technical opportunities and user-friendly interface. The new platform has a large variety of technical analysis and data visualization tools. It is easy to use, provides faster access to the international currency markets and instant execution of transactions. Developing new platform, we emphasized the convenience and satisfaction of our users. We created a platform that keeps focus on the delivery of high quality customer experience based on all received feedbacks and suggestions. We invite you to be the first to enjoy the unique technical solutions with us! For more information contact our round-the clock support service.

New Exchange

Crypto, crypto, crypto….

Whether you love it or hate it: they are here to stay. In that case, why not to take advantage of it. With the enchanted power of the Internet you can do everything and anything with a couple of clicks. From this point on, you can become a professional trader sitting on your couch, enjoying your coke and watching your favourite tv-show. DutyFly is here to help you to become a world leader. For limited-time-only we offer once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: start trading with DutyFly and get 1% of your turnover back till December 1st. Cool, huh? Well, it gets even better when you dive into the numbers Imagine you have 2 BTCs or equivalent coins on your account balance. You are a risk-averse person, so you keep most of your balance out of the trade. Hence your daily turnover would be ~ $5000. Let's say you trade on weekdays only (you like to party on weekends/ like all of us). In 25 days, you would have a turnover of $125,000, and its 1% is $1,250. So, you get real money, real coins while earning real money, real coins, paradox of the century! On December 1st, this amount, this $1,250 will be deposited to your account.